Website SEO Strategy Gladstone – The Power of Social Media

Website SEO Strategy Gladstone – The Power of Social Media

You will find that Website SEO Strategy is not highly convoluted once you know the rules of the game. 1 rule in particular you will need to know in Gladstone is the capability of social media. There is no refuting social media is a powerful tool in your online toolbox for Website SEO Strategy. How you use it is the big difference between success and failure. I remember the first Facebook contest I ran years ago, we gave a $300 prize to the person who got us the most likes on our page. Looking back now I think that’s pretty funny, but at the moment we were amazed at the results the winner of that competition had over 600 of her friends like our page.

Things have come a long way with social media and one of the most effective things is that generally it is something you can provide to for free and you can build loyal customers by doing so. A powerful idea with social media is to recognize what your clients and potential customers want and give them small but regular amounts of it. Such as, in the case of some Gladstone Health Retreat Owners – Bob & Sue, a really simple idea Sue could do would be to take a photo of one item she would advise for their customers to buy as part of their weekly groceries that would make life healthier and better, whether it’s a drink, or food, or body scrub or just anything she feels her customers would want. Pop the picture up on Instagram, post it on her company page wall with Facebook and Google+ and ultimately, maybe tweet about how amazing it is. This idea is not high priced and doesn’t take that much time but will establish trust and loyalty from her customers, and help with the Website SEO Strategy. Don’t just use your social media as a marketing platform blasting everybody with your latest product or sale; it will get old pretty promptly for your customers and fans (potential customers). Alternatively, interact with them. Maybe Sue could ask her customers what soap they use, so their skin doesn’t get too dry. She could take a picture of her soap and start a discussion about the subject. Remember it’s not an opportunity to advertise it’s a chance to engage your audience and build on your brand’s reputation, all of this forms Website SEO Strategy for your Gladstone business.

Having said that, be careful to not get too far off theme, don’t start posting 123 photos of your cat every week or the only audience you will have left are cat lovers and maybe your Mum.

As the CEO of Internet Marketing Experts Gladstone, I know the struggles that many people have when beginning with SEO. I myself ran a small business for a lot of years and had to pick up SEO from the ground up and by a lot of trial and error. So remember to begin tough and use the details that you know. Once you have created that groundwork, learn as much as you can about Website SEO Strategy and be patient with the results. If you arrive at a point when you are hesitant, or want to set your company apart from the rest, then think of having a chat to an SEO professional. If you would like to talk to us, call on 1300 595 013 or visit,

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